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    Comic book being created

    Dreamofthemachine.com and arttolife have been tasked with the creation of a new comic book geared towards the tween generation. The comic is dark and inspires the consciousness of our generation to help save our planet. Read More

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    New website being created for a model

    We just started working on a new website for an international model/actress/dancer everything is going well have beautiful pictures and doing a simple design with roll overs that will launch a picture gallery and videos. Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks!!!

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    New Web Page Design Created

    Just finished a new web page design. Concrete company that is going green!!! That does not happen often. The client needed to have a page that showed they are builders but also gentle with the environment. Good imagery and a solid site removing a lot of bells and whistles to this one to make it more about the message.

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    Launched new website.

    We finished the new site for Director/Writer/Producer Sylvain White. We offered a minimalist approach but we were successful in creating a story that showcased the clients talents and goals. Visit the site here.

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  • News and Info

    Dreamofthemachine LLC Creative group of Atlanta

    Our design team is now working on 2 new exciting projects, one is for a Mint flavored vodka, and on another project involves creating a 12 inch statue for an upcoming comic book, this will be an awesome challenge for us and we will deliver something great and incredible. We have now finished conceptualizing the 16th board of volume 2 of the comic Afrika. Dreamofthemachine is planning on opening a video section for all web commercial needs. We also hired a new flash developer to help with everything and anything flash. See his website here!

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