Zero Space

Zero Space is an Augmented Reality program which will change advertisement forever. Combining QR codes and Augmented Reality, it will open up an endless array of possibilities for all industries and markets. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

Our AR examples: – Zero Space Logo – Z Logo – Z Coke Bottle y-axis – Z Coke Bottle x-axis

NOTE: In order to use any of our examples, you will need to print this image and display it in front of your webcam.


Check out an example of what will come to be here:

In the pictures above, there is a company advertising their QR code in time square. A smartphone user would download the Zero Space app and point their smartphone camera at the QR code. The app then recognizes the specific code and creates and Augmented Reality experience accordingly. The example above shows how a company could easily advertise a movie or show using this method.

In the above pictures, the QR code is featured in a bar as a coaster for drinks. A Zero Space user could scan the code and get an interesting and unique way to receive information on the products the bar is selling. The example shows how easy it could be to get customers interested in what you are selling and give them information on it at the same time.