New boards coming up

The comic book is going well, a new board is up and the client is pleased. We will continue 40 more board, 320 new panels and 420 more hours… we are getting there everyone… Good Job to the team and to the design team!!! we’re getting there!!!

Dreamofthemachine LLC Creative group of Atlanta

Our design team is now working on 2 new exciting projects, one is for a Mint flavored vodka, and on another project involves creating a 12 inch statue for an upcoming comic book, this will be an awesome challenge for us and we will deliver something great and incredible.

We have now finished conceptualizing the 16th board of volume 2 of the comic Afrika.

Dreamofthemachine is planning on opening a video section for all web commercial needs.

We also hired a new flash developer to help with everything and anything flash. See his website here!